Dubai has always been the nucleus of luxury, fashion, and exquisite design. Taking a step forward in the world of elegance, we collaborated with FAB Eleganz, a brand based in Dubai. Our mission was to encapsulate the spirit of sophistication and luxury into a comprehensive Brand Kit.

The YAY Media Approach:

Our process began with intensive brainstorming sessions to understand the ethos of FAB Eleganz. Once the foundation was laid, our design mavens set about materializing the vision into tangible brand elements.

1. Logo Variants & Color Palette:

FAB Eleganz Brand Kit by YAY Media

3. Typography:

FAB Eleganz Brand Kit by YAY Media


Fonts that married elegance with functionality were chosen, providing a seamless reading experience across all touchpoints.

4. Stationery Designs:

FAB Eleganz Brand Kit by YAY Media

From memorable first impressions with business cards to the consistency in letterheads and envelopes, we ensured every detail echoed the FAB Eleganz identity.

5. Physical Product Branding:

FAB Eleganz Brand Kit by YAY MediaFAB Eleganz Brand Kit by YAY Media

Our team recognized the power of tangible brand interactions, leading to meticulously crafted designs for each product touchpoint.

Mockups & Print Base Files:

Every design was accompanied by practical mockups and print-ready files, ensuring FAB Eleganz was equipped for both digital and physical branding endeavors.

FAB Eleganz Brand Kit by YAY Media

The Power of a Brand Kit:

For any brand starting out, a cohesive brand kit isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. It solidifies your presence, creates consistency, and offers a memorable experience to your audience. In a cluttered market, standing out is crucial, and a brand kit is your first step to carving out your unique space.

Why YAY Media:

At YAY Media, we don’t just design; we build brand legacies. If you’re looking to make a mark and resonate with your audience, we’re here to illuminate your brand’s journey.

To FAB Eleganz, may your brand shine as bright as your vision. To the readers, let’s script success stories together.

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