Amidst the tumultuous times of COVID-19, YAY Media embarked on a transformative journey with Insight App. This case study delves into the pivotal role we played in redefining their UI/UX designs and crafting impactful posters that propelled Insight App to new heights. Our partnership with Insight App became a turning point for YAY Media as well, marking the revival of our revenue stream in challenging times. It is worth noting that this collaboration was made possible through the kind referral of an old friend of our Founder, Mohammed Yasser, which added a personal touch to our journey with Insight App.

Insight App Designs by YAY Media

Understanding the Client’s Vision:

Right from the beginning, we engaged in extensive conversations with Insight App, exchanging ideas and feedback over WhatsApp. This direct and seamless communication allowed us to grasp their vision and mission fully. By understanding their goals and aspirations, we could align our creative approach with their core values effectively.

Revamping UI/UX Designs:

We conducted extensive research to identify user preferences and market trends. Armed with insights, our team of skilled designers set out to revamp Insight App’s UI/UX. The new interface prioritized seamless navigation and enhanced user experience, while maintaining a visually captivating aesthetic.

Insight App Designs by YAY Media

Crafting Impactful Posters:

To augment Insight App’s brand presence, we meticulously designed eye-catching posters that conveyed their unique value proposition. Leveraging a combination of compelling visuals and persuasive copy, our posters conveyed the app’s benefits succinctly, driving curiosity and engagement.

Insight App Designs by YAY Media

Navigating through Uncertainty:

Our journey with Insight App commenced amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19, which posed considerable challenges for both parties. However, our dedication and determination to overcome obstacles allowed us to stay committed to our mission of delivering excellence.

Empowering Insight App’s Growth:

As Insight App gained momentum, we were thrilled to witness our collective efforts bear fruit. The impactful designs and marketing strategies contributed significantly to their growth, propelling Insight App to become a force to be reckoned with in their industry.

A Turning Point for YAY Media:

This project marked a significant turning point for YAY Media as well. Amidst a challenging economic landscape, our successful collaboration with Insight App rejuvenated our revenue streams and reaffirmed our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients.


The journey with Insight App was nothing short of an adventure – navigating through uncharted territories, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately celebrating shared success. As a testament to our expertise and dedication, the revitalization of Insight App’s brand during COVID-19 has become a source of pride for YAY Media. We remain committed to empowering businesses with innovative digital solutions, even in the face of adversity.

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